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Course Image Accessibility Basics

Accessibility Basics

Learn the basics of web accessibility and get a look at User1st’s online offerings with this course. Accessibility Basics is a great place to start. Gauge your knowledge and learn the basics. At the end of this course you’ll know exactly why you have more to learn.
Course Image User1st Support and the User1st uRemediate Application

User1st Support and the User1st uRemediate Application

New to User1st technologies? This course introduces you to the User1st Support and uRemediate interfaces. Learn about how to request support and how to use the uRemediate tool. 
Course Image Accessibility for Content Managers

Accessibility for Content Managers

This course for content managers covers the basics on accessibility in three file types: Word DOC, PDF, and HTML. Learn how to make the basic elements of documents accessible, and how to reduce color and contrast issues. Understand how font selection affects legibility and accessibility. Learn to edit complex content ...

Course Image  Accessibility Topics for Managers

Accessibility Topics for Managers

This User1st course provides customized training that addresses the needs of managers. It should serve as your starting point for the continuation of your professional career in the vast field of digital accessibility. This course will provide all the background information that you need to know about digital accessibility, ...

Course Image WCAG in Detail

WCAG in Detail

In our detailed introduction to WCAG, you’ll learn the basic principles of WCAG 2.0 and how to interpret these principles when developing for mobile. Take this course if you are already familiar with basic accessibility rationale and are ready to delve into the standard.
Course Image Advanced Introduction to Accessibility

Advanced Introduction to Accessibility

Take this advanced introduction to accessibility to learn the legal and philosophical reasons why your organization should strive for compliance. You’ll learn accessibility basics and advanced testing fundamentals.
Course Image Advanced Topics in Accessibility Testing

Advanced Topics in Accessibility Testing

The purpose of accessibility testing is to verify that people with various kinds of disabilities can access web content no matter which access strategy they are using – such as assistive technologies (screen readers, magnifiers and so on), keyboards, voice input or alternative input devices. Therefore, web content must be designed, ...

Course Image Testing Methodologies

Testing Methodologies

Web content must be designed, developed, implemented and tested to be compatible with the strategies used by the disabled to access web content. This short course introduces testing methodologies, showing you how to establish test criteria, determine conformance levels, and execute testing methodologies in detail. 
Course Image Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Study up on manual testing strategies. Take this course for detailed information about manual accessibility testing for desktop and mobile devices. Learn the nuances of screen reader testing.